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MTV, shoes

... Whuzza? The love child of Avril Lavigne and one of the Olsen twins? *reads* Kelly Clarkson.

They definitely breed them by cloning and genetic engineering...

New shoes bought on sale => blisters. Sometimes I really hate being a girl (I needed the shoes. They felt comfy when I tried them. Turns out they aren't, because god forbid they'd do girl shoes that are. Shall wear sneakers).

ETA : also Eminem hospitalized for drug dependency : Rap star Eminem has been hospitalized for dependency on sleep medication, his label said on Thursday, two days after the recording artist canceled a European tour due to "exhaustion" and "other medical issues."

This amuses me because just yesterday I heard the news about his cancelling the tour, and I laughed my a** off at the reasons they gave. "exhaustion" and "other medical issues."
Don't you like show-business talk? Like "Natural death" means "drug overdose"? (okay they rarely go that far, but that's what we mean in the family when we discuss celebrities death. With a variation of it meaning "AIDS" for porn stars)

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