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Je suis dans un état proche de l'Ohio

- I feel like I'm walking among clouds or in a bubble of cotton : check

- I think out loud a lot : check

- I have the attention span of a 2-yrs old on ecstasy : check

- I giggle at the tiniest thing (like this title of a magazine : "Literary [post-summer break] : 82% of French don't give a damn" (what stands for [post-summer break] is apparently a concept that doesn't exist out of France so I didn't find a translation for the word. In that case, it describes the fact that each September when kids and most of the country goes back to work, it's also where half of more of the books of the year are published, and most notably the expected best-sellers and "events". Crucial for publishers, but yes, most readers don't give a flying f*ck)

No, I'm not on drugs. OTOH, I think I need a rest.