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... *is speechless*

So there's this docu-soap on Arte (the "cultural" French-German channel) on Germans trying to start a new life in foreign countries.

One of the families followed is a young family (parents left because of unemployment, with 2 young kids that look no older than 6), that leaves with 20 000 Euros, all their savings, for New Zealand, where they'll have 6 months to find jobs or they'll have to go back to Germany.

None of them is fluent in English. And they picked the first town they're going to live in "on instinct", among other things because they liked the name. Not having any clue if they'll find a job there. And it seems to be too small to find a job in the woman's field (something related to architecture?).

Am I the only one here who thinks that you know, there's being brave and adventurous, and then there's being stupid and careless? And the difference between both is planning and being informed, mostly?


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Sep. 15th, 2005 11:24 pm (UTC)
(didn't see it, installed my new tv receiver at that time)

Yes, like genius and insanity those attributes are very close :-/
Beati pauperes spiritu - blessed are those with a poor mind

Bet they will be back in no time...
Sep. 17th, 2005 02:30 pm (UTC)
It wouldn't be that bad if they only put their existence in the balance, you know, but with two kids that young?

And why leaving so far for a first attempt? Surely they could have found a place more suited to their field of experience, or where it'd have been easier for them to find help or keep in touch with their family and friends.
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