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Gabrielle Appreciation Week

So this week is Gabrielle Appreciation Week, as decided by demondoll2001.

I don't really have the time to create something of my own, so I thought I'd bring you others' visions of Gabrielle :

Theatre des Vampires : Gabrielle de Lioncourt - this page introducing the Marquise has a lovely pic by Dan & Dany, and one from the Innovation comic books.

female vampires - by Isabelle Hultman, on Elfwood (Gabrielle, Claudia, Pandora, Maharet/Mekare).

Gabrielle, manga style - by Gracia 'Gengar' Soria on Elfwood - I think it's my favorite

Gabrielle by Pippa Laskey - on Elfwood, manga style, funny

Enchanted Oaks - fan-art. There's a Gabrielle portrait on page 1, as well as one of Gabrielle with Lestat on page 3

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