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New icons

I made myself a new batch of icons, though I'm far from reaching the 100 I'm allotted.

I wasn't especially looking for stuff, just browsing through recently loaded pics and falling into a "Eeeeh, that needs to be iconized!" frenzy...

A few "neutral" non-Hiyamiesque, comics-related
pics taken from scans_daily, because it renewed my interest for comics :

Mystique. Eeh. She's nuts. But she can be funny when she is.

Alfred rocks like big rocking thing that rocks. Batman is a loser.

Mary Jane Watson rocks too (the guy on her left had been a colossal prick to her before the plane even took off)

a few "fandom" ones

Anakin. I'm trying to make icons that can serve as fandom or mood ones...

Leia. The one, the only. And look how her smile is genuine. It was a different time... Everyone was more innocent then :P

A new Zoisite / Kunzite one. Because they're pretty. Even if the art sucks.

Leslie Cheung. Because I've had occasions where I wanted one and didn't.
And the pics posted by silverthoughts were beautiful.
And it doubles as "how come some men are prettier than women, not fair?", and nostalgic icon, and what not.


Because it's funny. Or not. But well.

A widdle bunny that cries. Weee, widdle paws! Widdle ears!

Ninja Cat! Because you can never have enough cat icons! And you NEED a ninja icon!

borrowed icon

Daria, from the opening title... icon by nirvanadonna, as far as I put in the file name...

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