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Let's play the human IMDB again...

So, the teen hero is played by the late Jonathan Brandis. Apparently, being cute does help bringing you to an untimely death.

The funny kid is played by Seth Green. It's quite strange to see him being the tallest one of the bunch, or close.

The girl, grown-up, is played by the woman-who-plays-Clark's-mother-in-Smallville, who also played Lana in the first movie.

And the evil clown It is played by Tim Curry, but I can't claim credit for recognizing him, I just remembered it was him. He's unrecognizeable under that make-up. Though few people can do creepy like him.

Then again, clowns ARE creepy anyway.

... at some point of my teenage years, I read almost every Stephen King book that had been published at the time. Believe it or not, I mostly keep good memories of them. Good creepy memories of reading hungrily and then having troubles to find sleep because I was too freaked out and I have too vivid an imagination.

Until he pulled an Anne Rice and stopped having an editor, that is.