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Kal-el, Excalibur, Stilgar

[1] ... You know, I figure I should respect the freedom of people to give their kids stupid names, but seriously... I used to think better of that guy : Nicholas Cage names his newborn son Kal-el Coppola Cage
Comments on scans_daily tell me that "Kal-El is Hebrew for "All is God" ". Good. So instead of being just a pop culture stupid name, it's a cultural stupid name. About as smart as would be calling your daughter Madonna now.

Dude, if you hate kids, just don't breed, okay?

[2] PWEPAIH TEW MEET YAW DOOM! - why I loved Alan Davis' Excalibur, your crack delivery by scans_daily - the whole comics is linked in the comments.

[3] I've been doing a bit of nostalgic Dune-digging lately, and one of the umpteen reason why that book is my bible :
Too few individuals, and a people reverts to a mob. Stilgar, "Dune" (okay so I can't stand the Fremen and I joyously want to punch Stilgar, but he wasn't all bad)

See, I have useful fictional crushes. Falling head over heels for Paul when I was 13 taught me all I needed to know about being wary of crowd manipulation.

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