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... There's Troy on TV right now, and for this as for like, 99% of what I see these days, I sigh and go "Oh, dramatize..."

Okay, so that's partly because I'm not totally back from Arrakis, where people are Mentats and all serious-y and really never go all dramatic in-your-face "I love her!" or "he's my brother!" or "I'm here for my honor!", and just DO what they have to do... but still...

(speaking of which : style-wise, writing characters like those from Dune is proving a bit hard. To keep it interesting despite the non-emotivity. "Your son died" *looks focused* "Your grandfather is the guy who killed your dad" *looks focused* "Paul, for the love of puppies, just EMOTE something, you make Angel look outgoing!")

ETA : aaaaaah, his COUSIN! I'd have realized sooner, but I thought he'd called him Ulysse (... it sounds close in French, and I wasn't paying attention) so it couldn't be the same... Yeah, cousin.

... And Orlando Bloom does look like he has less testosterone than a full season cast of the Vagina Monologues.

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