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Black XS, The Emperor's Journey, Santa Vader

Fragrance by Paco Rabanne.

Is that code for "Even black guys can have a very, very tiny schlock?"

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Found on Metaquotes :
This woman's kid won't go near a fat guy that gives out presents but will willingly jump into the arms of a guy who can choke you with his mind.
(context, with a pic)

Would nearly make you want to have kids, to raise them that way...

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There's a very funny ad for Canal+ these days, though. Two colleagues at lunch break, the guy tells the woman :
'I saw a wonderful movie yesterday on Canal +, "The Emperor's Journey"'
Shot of the woman's face, who imagines Napoleon walking alone in a moor landscape, with a classical score.
'It takes place in the Antartic'
Woman replays the scene, same music, same Napoleon, but set on an ice field. Guy keeps summing up the movie.
'There are hundreds of Emperors walking in line'
Shot of hundreds of Napoleon in uniform, walking in line on the ice.
'Sometimes they slide along on their belly'
Napoleons throw themselves on ice slopes on the front, with a little squeal.
'There are some very touching moments when they exchange eggs'
Shot of Napoleons sitting on the ice, passing eggs boxes to each other.
'It's after they've all mated with each other'
Close up of Napoleons' faces, looking at the camera and at each other with a "WTF?" look.

Tag line "There are so many memorable movies to watch on Canal +"

There's an alternate version that after the belly thing, goes
'At one point, one of them is eaten by a seal'
Shot of a giant (Godzilla-sized) seal towering over the hundreds of Napoleons, snatching one of them and chewing on him.
'And afterwards, they all mate together'
Same kind of "WTF?" faces close-up...

Tag line.

The movie, of course, is what has been renamed in US "March of the Penguins", but the joke is lost with that title...
Eeh. It's better in pictures, but it amuses me each time.

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