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XMas post : "The Emperor's Journey"

This December post is dedicated to ladynaberrie, because I still remember that when I friended her LJ ages ago, her website opened on a penguin's picture. So now, silly thing that I am, every time I see something penguin or taco related, I think of her.

I found a file of the complete ad that had me ROTFL a couple of posts ago.

no, not THAT emperor... - about 5 Mb.
It's in French, but the text goes like that :

I saw an incredible movie yesterday on Canal +, "The Emperor's Journey".
It takes place in the Antartic.
There are hundreds of Emperors walking on the ice field for days.
Sometimes they slide along on their belly, to go faster.
At one point, one of them is eaten by a seal. It's awful.
And there's also very touching moments, like when they exchange eggs.
Because before, they had all mated together. For hours.