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X-Mas post : Gorillaz

This X-Mas post is dedicated to wickedcherub

Maybe I'll be bashed for buying cliches about Asians, and I know, Noodle is supposed to be Japanese, not of Vietnamese origin, and yes I know, it's not the same. Really, I do.
But for some odd reason, each time I see the "Dare" video by Gorillaz, with Noodle bopping around, my brain goes "clubbing!Wicked".

I didn't have the time to do animated icons, but sennyo_megami did (not only of that scene or video) :


Sample :

She posted them on gorillaz_icons, they're stealable as long as credit is given to sennyo_megami.

I, hm, "got" a video, but I couldn't screencap it. I can upload it on request, though.
(it's 40 Mb so I didn't feel like doing it if nobody's interested...)

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