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Horrors on TV

Holiday Seasons is always the occasion to see horrific shows... This year's include :

- Star Trek, The Animated Series : I didn't know it existed. I wish I had been left in ignorance... Animated Kirk. OMG. At least he doesn't seem to want to boink anything female around. And they have E.T. that don't look like peopel with bits of plastic on their face.

- "Gegen Den Wind". A German TV show about a bunch of young people surfing. Which rose the question "Where TF can you surf in Germany?!". In St Peter Ording. Oh, the glamour of "sea, sex and sun" on the North Sea. If I had a penis, it would have shriveled in horror just by thinking of the water temperature there. The funny thing is that I tried looking up on-line to answer the "where" question, and the first results I got were of slash fan-fiction about some characters.

- "Earthsea". The TV adaptation featuring Kristin "blink blink" Kreuk - we nicknamed her that for her "acting", mainly consisting of batting her loooong eyelashes. I hear Ursula Le Guin was... quite critical of it. Okay, she denied it completely, but I can't help but wonder if the books are as... lame and predictable as this TV series is anyway. With the "young but gifted characters elected by a wise wizard / a wise priestess to a very important role in the future of Earthsea". Also, I hate hate hate series where the plot only advance thanks to the characters being dumb. Ged being stupid in his ambition. Tenar seeming stupid in her goodness, for the few I've seen of her (haven't watched everything).

- "The Core". With Hilary Swank. A disaster movie where people are going into the planet's core to "re-start" it with a nuclear explosion, after it stopped spinning. No, it doesn't make sense to me either. You need a crane to suspend that disbelief. Hilary Swank looks incredibly like T'Pol when she tries to play stern and military. And there's Tcheky Karyo. If you can ignore that the script seems to have been written by someone whose scientific culture seems to not even include the Discovery Channel, there are a few good lines, mostly to make fun of the Pr Zimsky (Stanley Tucci).

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