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Stuff I found when I came back

- the disease meme from kahvi_elf

What kind of disease are you?


hiyami is caused by Satan.

hiyami: Can't sleep, clowns will eat you.
The only cure for hiyami is to drink fresh spring water from the mystical spring of ixthapa.

- Crawley and Aziraphale's New Year Resolutions for 2006, by Neil Gaiman

- Ebay France is shameless but straightforward. They sent an announcement "Your XMas gifts weren't what you were hoping for? Sell them on Ebay and buy what you really wanted! For 3 days, the auctioning fee is only 5cts!"...

Train sucks - especially 7 hours in a row in a full.
"Fables" rules like a ruling thing that rules (the TPB #6 is out. SQUEE!).

Happy New Year and all that jazz to the people on my f-list.

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