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Beaubourg - Big Bang

The Centre Pompidou, Museum of Modern Art in Paris (we have several actually... The Tokyo Palace is the other big one), has done a "re-vamping" of their collection to present it in a thematic way demonstrating the way Modern Art de-constructed then re-invented Art. And they call it "Big Bang".

And so, pictures :

It was opining the exhibition and I like it. Reflections in the glass aren't meant.
But it'll stick in my memory also for the comment of a young-ish woman looking at it and telling her mate "It's very powerful on a spiritual point of view", which came out as a totally snob and lame comment you can hear in modern art galleries...

I think this was a model for furniture. They include design, fashion and architecture in "Modern Art".
Arrm. Whatever.

There is no scale, but this is like 6 feet long... A giant white leak.

This is a sort of cupboard...

And this is a bookcase, but I like this idea.

Woaaah, giant madeleine pans! Ah, no, it wasn't the concept. But still. Imagine the HUGE madeleines you could cook in that!

I included the woman for the scale. It was apparently a "trend" of art. Proportions.

That... is a "soft drum kit". Made of white fabric. Sort of like Dali's "Melting watches", but in 3D.

I don't like the French designer Philippe Starck, but I have to admit this is funny. And creepy.

Ooooh, un précurseur du poulpisme! (Pardon my French, but it's a reference that only fans of the late French comedian Pierre Desproges will get).

Yuck... This used to be a dress made in raw meat... that they salted so that it could be preserved. The picture on the wall represents the dress as it initially was, worn by an unfortunate lady, and the pic was called "Meat Dress for An Albino Anorexic".
original pic here

Back full circle, it's a painting that is at the beginning and you can see the reflection of it in the first pic, actually...

Well, that concludes my tour of the museum, which confirms my take on the subject:
No, not ALL of the Modern Art is a talentless fraud. Still, a big part is...
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