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"Hanshin: Half-God"

"Hanshin: Half-God"
short story by Moto Hagio, translated by Matt Thorn

This was meant to be part of the X-Mas posts for piasharn, but I was late. I'd think anyone else on my f-list with a knack for goth and not allergic to manga might as well...

It's a short story by Moto Hagio, one of the "big names" female mangaka, who has touched a lot of different topics / genres in her career, like most "masters". It may come out as strange for a western audience, but a lot of female mangaka dabble with horror stories. And I've always been amazed by their ability come up with truly creepy stories, even when drawn with an otherwise "pretty" style, or more used to "funny" stories.
For example, Rumiko Takahashi, mostly known for love comedies like "Ranma 1/2" and "Inuyasha", has written some really, really gross / scary pieces.

And yeah, I bought the magazine, mostly to have it. It isn't the whole of it, I left away a few pages to avoid the "e-publishing complete issue" copyright dilemma.

This was published in The Comics Journal, Issue #269 - Shoujo Manga / Moto Hagio.

I haven't gotten around reading all of it - it's a pretty serious and thick magazine... I didn't even know of its existence until my local comics store displayed the Shoujo Manga issue.

But I found the editorial article explaining the point of this issue interesting, and it's available in the online version of the mag :

She's Got Her Own Thing Now
by Dirk Deppey
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