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Stargate SG-1, S9

I'm totally out of the loop as I hadn't watched it in ages, but...

The new SG-1 leader seemed familiar, and even seeing the name of "guest star" Claudia Black, it too me a while to figure the obvious. I hadn't been a die-har fan of Farscape. Watched several episodes, but the hero was... uh... just too common in a "good-looking in that very US TV way".

So, their concept idea for the new season is to reunite the lead actors from Farscape (Ben Browder and Claudia Black, a.k.a. John Crichton and Aeryn Sun), and add to the mix Lexa Doig (a.k.a. the personification of the ship in Andromeda)?

Déjà-vu much?

Oh well, never mind. Not that they're bad. I'm not a big fan is all.