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August 23, 2006

This ran twice in a row on my randomizer, (the CD version followed by the "live CD" one - right-clicky to save as & download), and because it seemed a fitting tribute suddenly...

Time And Again
(A-ha, words & lyrics by Paul Waaktaar-Savoy)

The sun brought me
The moon caught me
The wind fought me
The rain got me

The road sent me
The years bent me
The stars overwhelmed me
Time and again

But now
I can't see the stars
A star is a thing I can't see
And now
I don't feel the same
To feel is a thing that can't be

Work rushed me
Fame brushed me
The streets hushed me
As life touched me

Time placed me
Events dazed me
Love saved me
Now and again

But now
There can be no love
Love is a thing that can't be
And now
There can be no trust
Trust is a thing I can't see

But now
There can be no love
Love is a thing that can't be
And now
I can't be so strong
Strong is a thing I can't be

Time and again
Time and again
The sun brought me

You would have been 36 yrs old today, River, but you'll stay 23 for us forever.
At times like this, it doesn't seem to have been completely by accident...

(and at times like this, having a "Dead like me" mood theme is... uhm... handy. Nice one for "peaceful")

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